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Challenge Begins 

June 12th

Fitness solutions by fellowship trained Doctors of Physical Therapy, board certified Nutritionists, & expert Personal Trainers



Only 9 Spots Left

  •  Losing it quick doesn’t mean you’ll regain it quick! In fact, multiple studies show those who lose weight fast actually maintain it longer than those who lose weight slowly!
  •  You can lose fat and still have a life! You don’t have to starve yourself or spend hours in the gym. A well designed plan tailored to you doesn’t need to last hours or starve your body. 
  •  Your injuries and conditions won’t get in the way! We are rehab and fitness professionals. Our expertise is getting people to lose fat even if they have pain. We don’t just show you how to work around your injuries, we show you how to solve them while losing fat.
  •  No more Confusion, Hype, or Gimmicks. Cleanses, pills, classes, videos, gyms, infomercial equipment, internet “secrets”, guru’s... don’t waste your time and money. Learn how to do the right things right, for you. Simple, clear, proven effective.
“After 4 months at Spectrum, 
I have lost 26 pounds, 
have less pain, and stronger than 
I ever have been before”
- Laura M.
Laura lost 26 lbs of fat and 3.5" off of her waist
"Spectrum has changed my Life!"
- Jackie M.
Jackie Lost 70 lbs of fat, 17% body fat, and 11 inches off her waist
"I finally feel like myself!"
- Sarah M.
Sarah lost 30 lbs, 6 inches off her waist, and 11% body fat
“I've lost weight, gained muscle, and i feel much stronger!"
- Kathy F.
Kathy has lost 13 lbs of fat and 5% body fat

What you will get during this 30 day program:
  • 12 supervised workouts
  • A comprehensive assessment of fitness and nutrition needs
  • Expert guidance, coaching, and accountability to ensure you get results
  •  Customized meal plan based off of your individual needs
**NOTE: Challenge is for new clients only**
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