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Helping you fight the battle of the bulge this 2017 holiday season!
(For new clients only)

Challenge Begins 

November 13th

Fitness solutions by fellowship trained Doctors of Physical Therapy, board certified Nutritionists, & expert Personal Trainers



Only 9 Spots Left

Think the holidays are not the best time to lose weight? Think again.
  • Studies show that people gain the most weight between Thanksgiving and New Years.
  • A recent study found it can take 5 months for people to lose the weight they gained in that short amount of time around the holidays.
  • Studies show that people have the same, if not better long term results when they lose weight quickly versus slowly.
  • Our most successful clients are those who started with us in November and ditched the thought of procrastinating until the New Year.
"I loved the personal attention and encouragement!"
-Suzanne M.

Suzanne Lost 18 lbs of body fat and decrease body fat by 6.2%
Paul lost 36 lbs of body fat and lost 7.25" off his waist
"This is one of the best decision i've made for myself in years!"
-Adam M.
Adam lost 19 lbs of body fat and 4.25" off his waist
Lisa lost 15 lbs and 8% body fat
What you will get during this 30 day program:
  •  12 supervised workouts
  •   A comprehensive assessment of fitness and nutrition needs
  •   Expert guidance, coaching, and accountability to ensure you get results 
  •   Customized meal plan based off of your individual needs
Think you’re too busy around the Holidays?
  • Our clients get results in 3 hours or less a week.
  • When done right, you don’t need a lot of time to get results, just commitment.
  • Procrastination only leads to expanding waistlines, now’s the perfect time to start!
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