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Strong Women Challenge 2017
Strong is the new skinny!
The 30 Day fitness and nutrition program exclusively for women who want to get strong and fit!

Program Begins APRIL 17TH

100 Cummings Center Suite 121Q Beverly MA

Fitness solutions by fellowship trained Doctors of Physical Therapy, board certified Nutritionists, & expert Personal Trainers



Only 9 Spots Left


"I've lost so much body fat that I have to keep buying new clothes!"
- Celine H.
Get strong, not bulky
Time to say goodbye to the myth that lifting weights will make you bulky. You don't have to be big to be strong. In fact, a great example of this is Olympic athletes who needs to be really strong, but not bulky.
Can you pull your own weight?
Being able to lift your body weight is a great way to strengthen bones, joints, and muscles and can give you the strength to do anything you want like yard work, picking up the kids, and going for a hike. It makes life a whole lot easier!
This is how you reverse aging
Stop only measuring progress by the scale. Losing weight shouldn't be the goal. A healthy and fit body is about losing fat and preserving or adding muscle, no matter how old you are or what joint issues you may have.
What you will get during this 30 day program:
  •  12 supervised workouts
  •   A comprehensive assessment of fitness and nutrition needs
  •   Expert guidance, coaching, and accountability to ensure you get results 
  •   Customized meal plan based off of your individual needs
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