Mobility & Stretching Workshop 2017
Finally, The Workshop To Show You How To Do the Right Things, The Right Way, To Improve Mobility So You Can Feel Better, Do More, & Not Get Hurt
Monday, October 23rd 6-7:30 PM
100 Cummings Center
Conference Room 221E
Beverly, MA

  • Should stretching hurt? Is it a sign that things are tight and need to be loosened? Or is it a sign that you are causing damage or making things worse?
  • Why yoga and and stretching are not the same thing
  • Learn how to stretch the common sore spots: the neck, the mid-back, the hamstrings, the hip flexors, and the ankle.
  • Discover when stretches can make things worse, and when they make things better.
  • Revealed: the stretch that most are told to do that you should immediately stop doing if you have sciatica (solves most of the "chronic sciatic" cases that have "tried everything")
  • Discover why you always feel tight and what is causing it.
  • BONUS: Not only will you get to learn all of the stretches during the workshop, but you will also receive a manual with pictures to take home.
Workshop Cost - $25
100% of the proceeds go to "A Hope for Nikolas" to defray unfunded medical costs for Nikolas

Click here to check out Nikolas' Facebook page and learn more about him
Reserve your spot today to learn proper technique proven to get results!

Dr. Michael Stare, DPT, FAAOMPT, CSCS, CNS

Owner, Spectrum Fitness Consulting, LLC

Dr Stare is a Fellowship-trained Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, & Board Certified Nutritionist. As a clinician, national lecturer, and trainer, Dr Stare knows how to identify common technique flaws, why they exist, and how to teach proper exercise performance to ensure optimal results. Most importantly, Dr Stare is an entertaining teacher and presenter, who thrives on using creative ways to best help you get the most out of exercise.
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